Food and Nutrition

What's For Breakfast Today?

What's For Lunch Today?

Lunch Account

Families may pay for school meals in one of three ways: by setting up an online payment account, by submitting a check or by paying cash. Detailed information on payment methods is outlined below.

  • Online - MySchoolBucks is a user-friendly service that is free, convenient, private and secure. Once the account is open, parents can check the fund account at anytime. 
  • Check - Write a check made out to Poplar Tree Food Services and bring the check to the food service manager’s office. A local address and phone number are required to be either printed or handwritten on the check. The student name and PIN number are required on the check memo line.
  • Cash - Cash may be brought to the food services manager’s office for deposit on student’s account, or students may pay cash on a daily basis.

We want our students to eat lunch and socialize in an atmosphere that is safe, orderly, and calm. Therefore, we ask that everyone:

  • Use good manners at all times
  • Sit safely and properly in your seat
  • Use inside voices
  • Raise your hand if you need assistance
  • Clean up your eating area before leaving

Free/Reduced Lunches

Free/Reduced Lunches are available for qualified families. Applications are available online or by contacting FCPS Food and Nutrition at 703-813-4800. You must apply each year to remain eligible.

The forms and information are completely confidential and will not be shared with teachers or administrators, and no other children will ever know. The children use PIN numbers to purchase their food, and only the food services manager knows how much each child pays for the meal.

Join Your Child for Lunch 

We are always happy to see a parent, grandparent, or sibling come to eat with a student. It is a special occasion for the entire class. No advanced notice is needed; just check in at the office and meet your child’s class in the lobby.

Visitors typically either purchase lunch from the cafeteria or bring a bag lunch from home. It is nice for the students to see that grownups also eat nutritious lunches. We ask that you do not bring in soft drinks or “fast food” lunches. The sale of soft drinks to students is prohibited in all Fairfax County Public Schools, from elementary through high school, during the school day. The emphasis on nutritional eating is reflected in our health curriculum and in the selection of food sold in the cafeteria. We ask that when you come to eat lunch with your child, you help us continue to model healthy, nutritious eating. It is your presence, more than anything that makes the occasion special for your child.