FCPSOn at Poplar Tree

By Poplar Tree Elementary
March 16, 2018

Recently, Poplar Tree was featured in an article and videos done by FCPS to highlight FCPSOn, a program that provides students with access to their own devices to use in the classroom.

Here are some of the ways that FCPSOn has transformed the way we teach and learn at Poplar Tree:

  • Students are learning how to be digital citizens in the safe environment of their classroom.
  • Students are more in control of the time, pace, path, and place of their learning.
  • Teachers are able to assess quickly and provide appropriate supports for students as necessary.
  • Students are engaged in meaningful learning experiences using the tools that match their learning targets.
  • The entire day is not spent on the devices. Rather, the devices are used when it serves an authentic purpose.

More information is available on our website's FCPSOn page.