Ms. Nissen Recognized as FCPS Cares of the Month Recipient!

December 2018 FCPS Cares Region 5 Recipient

By Department of Human Resources
February 12, 2019
susan nissen and pamela gomez at fcps cares celebration
FCPS Cares of the Month recipient Susan Nissen (left) and nominator Pamela Gomez pose for a picture at an informal recognition ceremony that consisted of a pizza lunch for the Poplar Tree staff!

Congratulations to instructional assistant Susan Nissen on being recognized as the December 2018 FCPS Cares Recipient of the Month for Region 5 by the Department of Human Resources. Congratulations, Ms. Nissen!

Below is the write up submitted by Ms. Gomez, a colleague of Ms. Nissen. 

Our staff was in need of a microwave for the Teachers Lounge. Mrs. Nissen heard about this issue last Friday and promptly asked her husband, to assist her in finding a free microwave for the staff online. He located one and they went to pick it up over the weekend. Mrs. Nissen then cleaned the microwave, brought it to school, and carted it to the upstairs lounge. Mrs. Nissen does not even use the microwave or eat her lunch in this lounge. However, she went out of her way to show kindness and concern for her fellow staff members.

We ALL truly appreciated her efforts. Another example of how Mrs. Nissen truly CARES about the Poplar Tree community is her work with our Special Education students. She does everything in her power to assist them in reaching their full potential. Mrs. Nissen is an essential member of their educational team. Recently, one of our students told Mrs. Nissen that he missed her over the weekend and he was so happy it was Monday so he could see her again! Both the student and Mrs. Nissen were smiling from ear to ear. This positive interaction was a joy to witness. Her hard work and compassion are truly admired by all who have had the pleasure of working with her at Poplar Tree ES. She makes a difference in students' and staff members' lives every day! These are just a few examples of how Mrs. Nissen makes Poplar Tree a better place to work and learn.